Manage Your Model API Keys

Finding, creating and updating your Model API Keys

Vantage Model API Keys are crucial for collections storing embeddings managed by the Vantage Platform. To create embeddings from your data, the Vantage Platform needs an API key for your AI Model provider.

You can configure your Model API Keys by navigating to the Console UI and selecting the API Keys tab.


Model API Keys or External Keys?

The API uses the term external keys to refer to Model API Keys.

Model API Keys

Configure New Model API Key

To configure a new Model API Key, you will find a button at the top right corner of your Model API Keys list (3) that will open a modal window. Here, you can choose the AI model provider and set its secret.


Types of Model API Keys

At this point, we support OpenAI and HuggingFace as model providers, so you can create keys compatible with either of those two.


One or more?

You can have multiple external keys linked to the same AI model provider.

New Model API Key

Update Existing Model API Key

To update your Model API Keys, you will find a button on the right side of each key (4). By clicking on it, a similar modal window will appear as before, where you can change your key values.

Update Model API Key

Delete Model API Key

Deleting Model API Keys is currently possible through our API. For more details, see the Management API.