An overview of the Vantage platform terminology and concepts

Welcome to the Vantage platform! Driven by the groundbreaking development of LLMs and their foundational structure of embeddings, AI is set to reshape human-machine interactions. It will pave the way for unprecedented advancements and a step-change in human efficiency. But merely having powerful models isn't enough. Real transformation comes from bridging these innovations with real-world applications delivered at scale. Vantage Discovery is that bridge.

We offer a platform that uses AI to semantically understand your proprietary data and seamlessly integrate it into your exisitng search and content discovery surfaces through a simple API.

As you use the platform, you'll learn about these concepts:

  • Collections describes how you organize, manage, and search your data sets within the platform.
  • Data Ingestion describes how you upload your data into a collection and configure it to be enhanced with semantic embeddings.
  • Search describes the different ways to search your collections, along with various result tuning capabilities.

Feature Cycle