API Keys

Authenticate to the platform

Vantage uses two types of authentication keys: Vantage API Keys and Model API Keys. Read on to learn about each type, including where and how they can be used.

Vantage API Keys

Vantage API Keys are used for authentication to the Vantage Platform, enabling you to utilize all the capabilities that Vantage provides. You can use these keys during the creation of a Vantage client in the Python SDK or for direct API communication.

You can find your Vantage API Key in the Console UI after registering on the platform.

Model API Keys

Model API Keys allow the Vantage Platform to authenticate with your chosen AI model providers, such as OpenAI and HuggingFace. This model is used internally to create embeddings from the text uploaded to your collections and queries run against your collections.

You can configure multiple Model API Keys and use them interchangeably in your collections. These keys can be assigned during the collection creation process either through the Console UI or through the API.

Fallback Account API Keys

If you choose OpenAI as your AI model provider, additional Model API Keys can be configured, referred to as Fallback Account API Keys. A Fallback Account API Key grants access to a secondary account for the same AI model. It is used when your primary account is throttled by your AI model provider due to rate limiting.


Important Note

Fallback keys must come from unique OpenAI organization accounts to be subject to separate API access quotas.

You can set Fallback Account API Keys under Advanced Options (1) during the collection creation process.

Secondary Accounts